Nisargadatta Gita - Message of Nisargadatta Maharaj
with commentary by 'Pradeep Apte'

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The indwelling principle I am is common to all and has no attributes; it is the principle of the whole functioning.

The knowledge I am that has dawned on you is indeed the indwelling principle through which you function. Just ponder; can anything be if you are not there? Your being is of great importance for everything else to be. Prior to the arrival of this knowledge I am did you know anything? Or when during deep sleep when the I am is held in abeyance do you know anything? This indwelling principle I am does not belong to any particular individual but is common to all and has no attributes at all.
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This text is published with permission from Shri Pradeep Apte, the compiler of Nisargadatta Gita. Visit Pradeep's blog '' for more inspiring resources on Nisargadatta Maharaj