Nisargadatta Gita - Message of Nisargadatta Maharaj
with commentary by 'Pradeep Apte'

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I take you to the source I am again and again, on reaching and stabilizing there you realize there is no I am!

The Guru is tireless in his efforts and very generous indeed. He does only one thing to anybody who comes to his door, and that is to take him to the source I am again and again. He does not talk about anything else, he wants to make the most of it of whatever time he has left in this physical body and impart his teaching to all those who come. He is hopeful that of the many that come at least a few or maybe only one may understand what he is saying, get stabilized in the I am and realize its unreality and be free from it.
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This text is published with permission from Shri Pradeep Apte, the compiler of Nisargadatta Gita. Visit Pradeep's blog '' for more inspiring resources on Nisargadatta Maharaj