Nisargadatta Gita - Message of Nisargadatta Maharaj
with commentary by 'Pradeep Apte'

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The birth principle is ‘Turiya’ (the fourth state) which means ‘where the consciousness is’.

If you carefully observe the whole process of reproduction, sexual or of other types prevalent in nature is a strongly self assertive phenomenon. Every living species wants to propagate and perpetuate and the self assertive ‘I am’ is the birth principle that is integral to the whole process. The birth principle being difficult to define or classify was simply called as ‘Turiya’ by the ancient thinkers. The word ‘Turiya’ means ‘the fourth’ as the fourth state of consciousness that lies at the very base of the other three, which are, waking, dream and deep sleep. It is also known to mean ‘where the consciousness is’.
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This text is published with permission from Shri Pradeep Apte, the compiler of Nisargadatta Gita. Visit Pradeep's blog '' for more inspiring resources on Nisargadatta Maharaj