Nisargadatta Gita - Message of Nisargadatta Maharaj
with commentary by 'Pradeep Apte'

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‘Turiya’ or ‘I am’ is always described as the witness state that sees through the waking, dreaming and sleeping. And ‘Turiyatita’ is even beyond that.

Further commenting on the ‘Turiya’ the Guru describes it as the ‘witness’ or the witnessing state that lies behind the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states; it does all the witnessing through these three states. Deep earnest meditation as prescribed by the Guru is required in order to get stabilized in the ‘Turiya’ or the ‘I am’ and only then you stand of transcending the ‘I am’ becoming a ‘Turiyatita’, the one beyond the ‘Turiya’ or the ‘I am’.
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This text is published with permission from Shri Pradeep Apte, the compiler of Nisargadatta Gita. Visit Pradeep's blog '' for more inspiring resources on Nisargadatta Maharaj